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Various people outside in public park

Hot Dogs & Wiener Dog Races at Roosevelt Collection Shops

On Sunday, August 26 (better known as National Dog Day), Roosevelt Collection Shops invited Chicagoland pups and their owners, to come celebrate at Paws, Jogs, and Hot Dogs on The Rooftop. The day included Wiener Dog Races and an all-breed doggy costume contest. Portillo’s provided complimentary iconic Chicago-style hot dogs and Itsapop served up gourmet popsicles for human guests.

Starting at 12pm, in heats every 20 minutes, dashing Dachshunds entered the “race track” and raced from one owner to another at the finish line for bragging rights and a fun prize bag from Kriser’s Natural Pet.

This event is one of many dog-friendly events hosted at Roosevelt Collection Shops.  For a city full of dog lovers, the inaugural Paws, Jogs and Hot Dogs was a huge success and brought over 500 guests to the property for a “bow-wow”-worthy celebration of man’s best friend.