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Shop with Mustang shirt

Shop With A Mustang at The Avenue West Cobb

January 24, 2018 – The Avenue West Cobb hosted their 12th Annual Shop with a Mustang event on December 17, 2016. Every year Kennesaw Mountain High School raises upwards of $30,000 to take children from underprivileged schools in our community shopping at The Avenue.  As part of their character education program, high school students volunteer their time to raise money along with local business and organizations to take students from feeder schools holiday shopping. Approximately 240 underprivileged students, 600 high school students and accompanying faculty enjoyed shopping, live musical and choral performances.  Retailers provided exclusive discounts to the participating students & faculty to help their money stretch further.

Faculty, children, chaperones, administrators all arrived on buses, that were staged behind the center. And in a whirlwind of three hours, they left with clothes, gifts and good spirits by 1PM, spending over $30K on the kids!