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Diverse group of poeple in front of large mural


Roosevelt Collection partnered with the Chicago Fire MLS Club, The British International School and local Chicago artist Max Sansing to bring an enormous 8,000 SF mural to life in the South Loop of Chicago. As part of their brand relaunch “Stand for Chicago” it was important for the Fire to incorporate the Chicago community in an authentic and meaningful way. The tower site on Well St. provided the perfect canvass. Max painted in sub 32 degree temps, snow and high winds to get this finished!

Students at the adjacent British International School will have this inspirational mural overlooking their soccer field for the next three years and visitors to the area will have another beautiful piece of public art to admire. The city of Chicago has seen an influx of murals inspired by its beloved sports teams and POAG Shopping Centers and Roosevelt Collection are proud to be a part of this community.
For more on this mural and more click here for an article from The Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Fire Mural

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